Quote Mates Installation for BigCommerce

How do I get started with Quote Mates for BigCommerce?

To start using Quote Mates, simply follow the steps below       
  • Visit Quote Mates
  • Register with a preferred email address. Your registered email address and password will be your access credentials for the WebApp, iOS and Android mobile app.

  • Now enter Bigcommerce credentials as per the instructions on next screen:
BigCommerce QuoteMates credentials

  • Next you can choose one of subscription plans based on your Quote volume needs. All subscriptions are billed month-to-month and come with 7 days free trial. You can upgrade/downgrade/cancel anytime. Every plan supports all features of the app.

  • It's time to enter your billing details. All subscriptions need credit card information for billing purposes. Credit card information is captured through a PCI compliant secure process by our payment processor. At no point of time, AquaAPI (our company) has access to your credit card information. Credit card is not billed till your free trial is complete. You can cancel your plan any time during the trial period and you will not be charged.

  • Congratulations!!! Your subscription and your account has been created. Your dashboard will show all the plan details and links to both webapp and mobile app for the Quote Mates app. You can start quoting right away either through the WebApp or download the mobile app through the links provided and login to your account using the registered email. You can also update plan, change payment details or contact us through this Dashboard.

  • Happy Quoting and wish you more deals through the app.