Get stripe credential for Pos for Bigcommerce

How to get credentials for Stripe Payment?

To start Stripe Payment in Pos for Bigcommerce app, you need two credentials from Stripe.

  1.  Publishable Key
  2.  Restricted Key

Follow the steps to get these keys.

1. Login to your Stripe Dashboard and go to "Developers -> API Keys" from the left side menu.
2. The publishable key will be available there but you have to create Restricted key. Click on Create Restricted Key button.
3. "POS for BigCommerce" app need three write permission for Restricted Key to process the payment.
  1. Charges
  2. Customer
  3. Token
4. After clicking "Create Key", The Restricted Key will be available for you.
That's it. Now you have the keys.
If you want to test "Publishable and Restricted key", then please enable "Test Mode" and follow the steps from begin.
To enable test mode click the marked location.