Cloud Connector Installation

How do I install Cloud Connector using BigCommerce App Store?

To install Cloud Connector using the BigCommerce App Store, simply follow the steps below:   
  • Login to your BigCommerce store, and then click on the Apps icon on the top left of the page.  

  • Now, click the Search bar in the upper righthand corner and search 'aquaAPI'

  • You should now see all the aquaAPI apps listing. Click on 'Cloud Connector by AquaAPI'

  • Now, click on the Install button and, agree to the permissions needed by clicking 'Confirm'

  • App Installation starts. Choose the target app, from the drop-down menu, that you would like to integrate with BigCommerce.

  • Relevant instructions and credentials input screen for the target app will open up. You can enter target app credentials to validate and connect. For eg: If trying to connect BigCommerce to Zoho CRM, you will need to enter your Zoho CRM credentials. BigCommerce credentials are automatically captured. Once credentials are validated, you are all set to create subscription.

  • Next, you can choose one of the subscription plans based on your projected order volume. All subscriptions are billed month-to-month and come with 14 days free trial. You can upgrade/downgrade/cancel anytime. Every plan supports all features of the app.

  • It's time to enter your billing details. All subscriptions need credit card information for billing purposes. Credit card information is captured through a PCI compliant secure process using Stripe. Subscriptions are created through Zoho Subscriptions. Stripe captures and holds your credit card information for billing purposes. At no point of time, AquaAPI (our company) or Zoho (subscription platform) has access to your credit card details. Credit card is not billed till your free trial is complete. You can cancel your plan any time during the trial period and you will not be charged.

  • Congratulations!!! Your subscription and account has been activated. Your dashboard will show all the plan details and links to currently running integrations. You can also update plan, change payment details or contact us through this Dashboard. You can also add/remove any new/existing app integration through the dashboard.

  • Details on any currently running integration is available under 'Details' view and shows all subscription plan details, options and data transfer history for the last 5 days.