QuoteMates installation for Shopify

How do I get started with Quote Mates for Shopify?

        View The Help Video about QuoteMates Installation.


To Start using Quote Mates, Follow these steps.

    Log In to your Shopify Admin panel and go to  Apps ” and then visit the Shopify App Store and Search for “ QuoteMates

            ●       Start  QuoteMates installation.                         
      ●     Follow the provided steps for installation.    
      ●        Register with a username and password. (These credentials will be needed to login to QuoteMates Mobile App) 
      ●        Subscribe to a plan.   
           That’s it. You can now use the QuoteMates WebApp as well as Mobile App.       
       To use the Web App click the Marked button on the Dashboard

              Happy Quoting and wish you more deals through the app.

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