Configure Salesforce Custom Fields for Shopify-to-Salesforce Connector

How do I configure custom fields in Salesforce for Shopify-to-Salesforce Connector?

Shopify to Salesforce connector supports following custom fields under Contacts and Orders:
  • Custom Fields under Salesforce Contacts Field
    • Customer Group: Meant to reflect Shopify customer group the customer belongs to.
    • Last Order Date: Meant to reflect the date of the last placed order by the customer.
    • Last Order Number: Meant to reflect last Shopify order number by the customer.
    • Last Order Value: Meant to reflect the sales order value for the last order by the customer.
    • Lifetime Sales Amount: Meant to be aggregate of all Shopify order values placed by the customer.
    • Lifetime Number of Orders: Meant to be aggregate of number of Shopify orders placed by the customer.
  • Custom Fields under Salesforce Orders Field
    • Order Comments: Stores Shopify order customer comments.
    • Staff Notes: Stores Shopify order staff notes.
You can choose to create custom fields under Salesforce Contacts and Orders, and leverage the connector to populate these custom fields while transferring data. You can choose custom field names as per your convenience. Connector will automatically detect these created fields and show them in drop-down list in Salesforce connector dashboard. Please choose the appropriate fields from drop-down lists and save the configuration in connector dashboard. Once these configurations are saved, connector will start updating these custom fields with every order data transfer.

To create custom fields in Salesforce, you can follow the instructions Here